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The main industrial district of the city, the entire area in one of the main economic powerhouses of the city's export and import trade. The entire area takes up at least half of the western area of the city.

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The St. Michael Clock Tower is a clock tower in Raccoon City. A major landmark in its tourism industry, the clock tower is located in the north side of the city, close to Raccoon General Hospital and Raccoon Park. Named after Saint Michael the Archangel, the wider building is religious in nature and includes a chapel.

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Raccoon General Hospital, also known as Raccoon City Hospital was a medical practice in Raccoon City, located in the northern side, close to the St. Michael Clock Tower and Raccoon Park. While not the only hospital in the area, it was certainly the city's main practice, and the most advanced in terms of medical technology.

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The biggest park in Raccoon City, it's trails spider out past the Circular River and even into the Arklay Mountain Hiking trails.

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Mission Street

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