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Global General Rules

1. No porn images. Keep your sinning material to yourselves.
2. Do not spam the forum with your blasphemy.
3. Respect your fellow members.
4. Keep your personal problems to yourself and off this forum. This place wasn't created so you could fight with others about your feelings and make an ass of yourself.
5. Do not abuse the chat box. Abuse of the cbox will have you banned from the cbox or from the forum depending on how you abused it.
6. Read the rules above and below.
7. Keep in mind the Proboards TOS; violation of the TOS is a violation of the rules here and there and you will be deleted from the forum.

Global Role Play Rules

1. Create your biography, a template is on hand with various tips and pointers. If you need help, contact a staff member.
2. Don't double post, we know who you are, we will find you. Only exceptions to this rule are if you run up the maximum number of characters in your posts.
3. Do not god mod. It's not fair, fun, nor does it make sense.
4. No Mary Sues. Even if you play a character considered Mary Sue, don't play them like a Mary Sue.

Global Note

The rules above are simple, I shouldn't have to make rules like, 'use proper grammar' or 'be logical in your replies' those are common sense, and while I know some people lack that I will have faith in those who join this forum. I do reserve the right to add rules if I see things be abused. I also have the right to remove you without notice if I feel you are plaguing the forum with stupidity or trolling. I wish for you all to have fun and enjoy yourselves in our community.

As proof that you have read, understand, and agree to the rules, place one of the following code words at the bottom of your character profile. The code word to use depends on the day;

Monday: Adravil
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Friday - Sunday: Valifin

Role Play Information

Role Play Information by ¤Amy Grace¤

Here you will find the various bits of info that will help you better understand how some things work here.


The current year is 2029, the day and month are the same as they are presently. For instance, if the date is 1/1/2020, it is 1/1/2029 in role play.


Travel outside of Raccoon city can be tricky with many high ways and roads still in decay. Inside the city it is fairly simple. There is air traffic to and from cities that have established themselves.


The turning point of the century was the assault rifle. The way we fought wars was changed forever the moment a weapon could spit out 30 rounds in less than ten seconds and be replaced in less than five seconds with another magazine. However, in the current era the weapons are becoming more advanced and while the old armory exists still there are some break throughs with some newer weapons.


Production of Vehicles resumed around 2020 and by 2026 a lot of new car models came back out. Helicopters and Airplanes have began being used a lot more in the common era.

The Government

Currently the Government is being ran out of New Raccoon City after the raids on D.C. destroyed most of the capital. The President is currently Mr. White, he holds policies that oppress human B.O.W.s or as they are now referred to: Altereds.


S.T.A.R.S.: Special Tactics and Rescue Service, one of the factors in the survival of several cities and many survivors. They are some of the most elite people you will ever cross when it comes to surviving and tactics.

Umbrella: is a defunct organization which caused the initial outbreak. They were thought to be destroyed in 2007 but in the later 2010s they became more active until finally their main branch was destroyed in 2026.

Hellsing: After the death of Integra Hellsing in 2026 the organization returned to London and eventually was absorbed. The left over members eventually formed Helsing under Elias Helsing. They are a roaming anti-freak organization bent on stopping Bio-Terrorism as much as suppressing the Unnaturals.

R&R Pharmex: was originally a drug company but was acquired by Umbrella and became an off branch sometime in 2006 known as Blu-Umbrella.

Stonewall Organization: Named after the great Stonewall Jackson and headed by Zack Jackson with his partner Drist, they provide additional security for the President and Drist is known as the Tyrant slayer.

Zombie Resistance: Once lead by Zambi and his LT Charlie, they are the defenders of the Illegals in Staten Island. Zambi was killed in 2015 and Charlie aka Charlotte took over, it eventually merged with Wonderland in the 2020s.

The Patriot Resistance: Lead by Krieger aka the Patriot, the militant Illegal group that fights against the Government oppression. Patriot was destroyed in 2018 by Former President George Sears's orders. Krieger was killed as well as many of his top brass and the surviving members would eventually join Wonderland.

Wonderland Resistance: Once lead by Alice, or her clone, it was the heart of the resistance from 2013 until 2022 when Alice's clone was assassinated. Wonderland continued operating under different leadership and at some point in the 2020s it was taken over by Gabe Lachney and the leadership split between Justing Krieger, Charlotte Zambi, and himself.


When Umbrella was finally destroyed many of its subjects were released from confinement. Hundreds of others that had already been released thought they would finally be able to rest easy until about 2009 when the Government issued that all BOW's had to be chipped and vaccinated on a daily basis to provide their constant location and to lower the virus's within them even if that BOW wasn't infected. Out of fear the public backed this agreement and many BOWs were chipped and forced to live in camps and under strict ruling. Those that didn't comply were known as Illegals and are constantly hunted. Illegals get around through checkpoints by simply using the same anti-virus that they force BOWs to take daily. This weakens the BOW but also allows them to pass checkpoints unnoticed.

In 2010 Alice resurfaced creating the resistance. The former savior of humanity became the savior for the Illegals who were constantly hunted. Project Alice became target number one for the Bounty Hunters but none have been very successful. In the last five years several other resistance groups have risen behind her and while many are similar to her group others are very militant.

In 2020 George Sears inducted the Fair Treatment act giving Illegals proper rights. The act was abolished after his death and another put forth by Alexandra Wesker until she was discovered to be an agent of Umbrella. The laws were never reverted but people continued to act with Fair Treatment until Spencer Harker took office in 2027 and began enforcing Weskers agenda. By 2029 unrest in the city caused the Altered population to create their own resistance force to fight against the oppression.

(BOW; Bio Weapon, can refer to human subjected who had been tested on by Umbrella to enhance them or the monsters that everyone fears the most)


Raccoon has checkpoints at their main entrances, people are required to be scanned to prove they are either not an altered or prove that they are on the proper medications to suppress their abilities. Government buildings have these same checkpoints.


The creatures of the night share a similar history to all things on this forum. They are a product of a virus known as Sanguinare Vampiris. This virus is an ancient strand that isn't found anywhere but in Vampires today. Many people can contract Sanguinare Vampiris but only those that bond with it actually become Vampire. The ancient strand has been diluted over time though creating weaker vampires or vampires that have to steadily use their abilities to be known as true vampires. They are known to be able to do unnatural things similar to how B.O.W.s work but the payment for their abilities is a hungering thirst. Some vampires can exert the ability to regenerate rapidly or escape into the shadows but what energy they use they must also consume or they will die of the thirst for blood.


In 2005 Keto Seroth created a strand of virus by combining the DNA of wolves and humans creating the Lycan. Now, just like the creatures of myths, these Lycans are vulnerable to silver but it's not super deadly to them. They can change between their human form and lycan form at will but doing so is the most painful process ever due to the virus strand bonding with their body and mutating it. The process to return back to a human is also equally brutal since the virus has to pull itself apart and reconstruct the DNA of its original host.

The Story

Dead Sight; A history by ¤Amy Grace¤
1998 the world saw what Hell truly looked like. Raccoon city was over ran with the undead when a biological weapon designed by Umbrella escaped its underground labs. The entire city was infested within a week's time, the last few hours saw massive battles across the city with Umbralla’s Bioweapons versus the special forces units in the city that survived. Decorated S.T.A.R.S. officers Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield survive alongside rookie R.P.D. officer Leon S. Kennedy, they attempt to tell the world of Umbrella’s betrayal, they are instead called out as liars.

2002 the ruins of Raccoon city were sifted through to find the secret underground lair of Umbrella, the Hive. Janus Prospero and a team infiltrated the Hive in order to find lost evidence against Umbrella. The entire operation was set up by an anti-Umbrella group that was built by the survivors of Raccoon in ‘98. Prospero lead a team of ten into the Hive, they faced the Red Queen, a horde of undead, monsters, and many obstacles. She lost nearly all of her team except for former U.B.C.S. unit Rain Ocampo, Carlos Olivera, and former R.P.D. officer Leon S. Kennedy. Their efforts buried Umbrella in the public eye, the company was shut down, the head officials were arrested and placed in prison. Head scientists from the organization went missing, the founder also disappeared.

2005 Leon S. Kennedy heads to Spain to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the U.S. President. He finds himself in the middle of a village infested with a parasite virus. Leon rescues Ashley Graham and uncovers a thicker plot the deeper they go into the village. He soon learns of Umbrella’s involvement in the area and battles through hordes of infected villagers and monstrosities. Ada Wong, a survivor of Raccoon city is also working in the area for Albert Wesker, a former Umbrella scientist, she’s collecting samples. Along the way she ends up helping Leon escape and protect Ashley Graham. After their escape the combined forces of the nation's sweep the village and pacify it.

Several months later, President Graham is assassinated for his involvement in Spain. President George Sears takes his place.

Umbrella retaliates against the world as one of its scientists goes rogue blowing up the hive with one of its dirty bombs. Bioweapons and the T-Virus escape into the ruins of Raccoon infecting homeless living in the ruins, infecting construction crews, and clean up crews. It quickly spreads across the North East. The Umbrella Cell called itself Blu-Umbrella, it was headed by Hija Himura and his daughter Sazon. They unleashed hell into the world in one swift motion and the dead began to walk the Earth again.

2006 Hellsing entered New York searching for answers to the global infestation. They met up with a group calling themselves White Rabbit which was under the control of Janus Prospero, going by the alias Alice Abernathy. Alice had been a test subject for Umbrella for a time and had been rescuing others like her. She amassed a large group of followers and resistance fighters which turned the tide against Blu-Umbrella’s launching of the Dead Sight project. Another agent of Umbrella launched several prototype tyrants into the city, the 313 and 314. Both tyrants caused massive destruction and killed many of Hellsing and White Rabbits forces. It took months to take them down but once they did the two put forward their best fighters and assaulted the Blu-Umbrella secret labs killing Hija Himura and his daughter. It put an end to the fighting for a short time so the population could begin putting a foothold down.

2007 President Sears establishes the New York Safe Zone. Another project is released by the rogue Umbrella agent. Project N is beyond the powers of any tyrant they had ever faced. Hellsing once again enters New York to aid in fighting the monster. The ordeal lasts for several weeks until finally Hellsing’s top operative takes down Project N at the loss of his own life. White Rabbit begins recruiting soldiers to help fight back against Umbrella factions still working through the North East.

2008 New Haven, New York. A shanty town built a few blocks from Times Square , it’s under the protection of the Stonewall PMC group. An illegal B.O.W. group assaults New Haven and takes control of it. Amy Grace investigates New Haven and witnesses mass slaughter by the illegal B.O.W terrorist group known as the Lords of the Dead. Amy with help from government agent Adamska begins taking the Lords of the Dead apart one by one. Over the course of several days they split up and both uncover a plot to level Times Square looking for an underground Umbrella lab. In the final battle against the last few Lords of the Dead Amy uncovers more to the Grace project learning of other clones of her.

Adamska reports back the events of New Haven to George Sears who begins issuing a chipping and vaccinating project against all B.O.W.s registered inside Government controlled areas. Amy leaves White Rabbit and White Rabbit goes Underground completely. Adamska uncovered one of the active labs near Times Square and had his sixty year old body repaired to work like a twenty year old's body. He killed everyone in the lab and destroyed it soon after.

2010 White Rabbit returned to the public eye and began a hard propaganda campaign against George Sears showing the public that human B.O.W.s were just like normal living breathing people. The action helped sway resistance fighters to her cause and many B.O.W.s escaped the government controlled areas.

2011 the Patriot creates his own resistance group and is mistaken as a White Rabbit general. This causes Sears to act against White Rabbit more heavily despite the two groups having nothing to do with one another. The Patriot is ruthless and his resistance group rides on his aggressive actions and orders levelling buildings if they have to in order to complete jobs. President Sears’s own men have been killed facing against the Patriot thus increasing the fear of B.O.W.s further.

Adamska and Amy Grace meet again. Amy having been captured by a group of Marines on a job for White Rabbit. After several hours of torture trying to find out Alice’s location Adamska takes a break leaving Amy alone for several minutes too long. Amy levelled half the building in her escape. From this point forward Adamska became a huge throne in White Rabbits side as he had a tendency to show up where they often operated.

2012 Amy infiltrates the Patriots and begins aiding them and White Rabbit, mostly running supplies to their sick and hungry. Sarah Grace is activated in the middle of the tunnel that connected Staten Island and the rest of the world. The tunnel was used as refuge for thousands of people protected by the Zombi resistance group. When activated she went on a rampage using her powers to kill dozens of people until finally collapsing the tunnel and killing five thousand. The incident causes President Sears to put a bounty on every Illegal B.O.W.

2013 the Patriot discovers Amy Grace is working for White Rabbit and confronts her. In a spat back and forth she simply says, “Umbrella’s special forces shit themselves when they see me, I’ve slaughtered thousands of them and their bioweapons. How many of your men have to die when you give the order to kill me?” The Patriot drops the argument completely and allows Amy to continue aiding the people living under his resistance. He uses her to relay messages to Alice so that both resistance groups stay out of one another's way.

2015 George Sears takes back a large portion of the North, his influence pressing from D.C. toward New York. As his forces set up around New York he issues a set bounty on Illegals at $10,000 dollars. He creates a deck of cards with names like Alice Abernathy, The Patriot, Amy Grace, and others set up as the Aces, Kings, Queens, and Jacks of the deck, their bounty ranging from 10 to 50 million dollars. The Bounty Killers organization begins hunting in New York.

HUNK is hired by the Bounty Killer group to hunt down White Rabbit and Zombi forces. HUNK becomes a huge thorn in the side of Zombi going so far as to dismantle several of their fronts in the New York ruins. White Rabbit gets tipped off about William Birkin’s movements in New York and mobilizes their top agent to assassinate him. During the operation Amy Grace meets back up with Adam and shoots Birkin in the back. When they investigate the scene Birkin is nowhere to be found. They enter the lab he was opening to find a trail be left behind and are nearly trapped and killed inside.

Birkin activates the 316 tyrant, his forces are attacked by Isafaro but they hold them at bay while Birkin works. 316 enters the fray while Birkin continues his mission to remove the AI core from the lab. The AI releases 313 before Birkin escapes from the lab. Both sides take heavy losses but Birkin still escapes.

Isafaro conducts a meeting with Alice however, the meeting doesn't go as well as it could have gone with Alice ending up placing them on the watch list along with all others. Now with the knowledge that 313, 316, and Birkin are still at large Alice makes plans for something bigger. Several days after the Times Square incident Revolver Ocelot arrives on the scene and takes the Beta Type Virus samples and blows up the 300 series tanks releasing them all. He makes it top side where he is met with Shawn Seroth, one of the clones created by Keto Seroth. After a brief scuttle 320, the matriarch 300 tyrant, shows herself and easily forces the clone to retreat.

George Sears announces the bounty for Illegals has been ceased while working alongside White Rabbit to stop Birkin and Umbrella Remnant forces. Integra Hellsing arrives in D.C. to aid Sears. Zambi is killed during a night stroll by an unknown B.O.W. The leadership of Zombi is taken over by his next in command Charolette.

Several months later Adam and Amy lose Birkins trail. The Patriot takes on 316 with the help of White Rabbit in several skirmishes before finally taking it down. The other 300 series tyrants are hunted down but never truly found. White Rabbit keeps a kill list handy and the Bounty Killer foundation has bounties on each one.

2016 Amy leaves White Rabbit to find Sarah Grace. Her abrupt departure causes many others to follow. William Birkin reappears around D.C. and uses 300 series assets to attack the Pentagon. In retaliation the Hellsing branch of D.C. summons its main weapon, a girl in a red Hellsing officer uniform. The girl totes around a massive cannon and for several hours she holds the wall around the D.C. protected zone against 300 series tyrants. The following day the wall collapses in the north and Sears mobilizes his PMC group ExCell. Within three hours one of ExCell’s units brings William Birkin to Sears in handcuffs.

After several weeks of trials the entire world gets a broadcast over many channels, internet, radio, television, everything the government could push. Birkin sits in a chair while a man reads him his crimes and when asked if he had any last words Birkin smiled and replied, “Sherry, no matter what, I will find you.”

Sears pulled the trigger shooting Birkin in the head live on all broadcasts.

2017 Sears’s health continues to fail as his terminal lung cancer gives him hell. He no longer does public speeches on his own, having his assistant instead read them while he sat near by in a wheelchair on a respirator. The following year sees a new dawn as the ExCell PMC group aids the Government in reclaiming the North East. Charlotte is killed when ExCell raids Zombi head quarters, White Rabbit disbands and the Patriot openly challenges Sears. The bounty for Illegals is once again placed into effect demanding that all human B.O.W.s be chipped, ‘cured’ and tracked.

The Patriot goes down in a blaze of glory as he tackles ExCell’s Bravo team killing Captain Diane Morison and First Sergeant Marista Dolce. He is executed by Captain James Anderson, formerly Sergeant James Anderson. The Patriot illegal group disbands after ExCell raids several of their hideouts. Whisper and Victor Karthe remain at large.

2018 The Restoration project begins by walling off sections of New York and Raccoon city. Construction crews move into the city and begin knocking down buildings and rebuilding them. This creates tons of jobs for legal B.O.W.s and refugee’s. The combined manpower proves effective as large parts of the cities are rebuilt over the next three years.

2019 Hunting B.O.W.s becomes a real job. Offices across the North East open where hunters handle rogue B.O.W.s that were missed or wandered in from the south. These hunters also take up jobs against Illegal B.O.W.s. Many legal B.O.W.s take on jobs as they find it hard to get honest work. Tension between the average man and human B.O.W.s rises, many are discriminated against and treated like second class citizens even to the poor. In an unpopular decision, Sears sets in place laws that help B.O.W.s find work.

Alex Spencer, a senator, takes it upon herself to become a voice against B.O.W.s. Many people follow her opinion and openly voice their concerns about George Sears’s mental stability with his diminishing health. Several months later George Sears died to lung cancer leaving his assistant in charge of office until the election for a new President is completed. Hellsing pulls all support from the Pentagon returning all of their assets back to London.

2020 The North East is completely liberated and cities and towns are populated with millions of people from D.C. up to Maine. While Sears was unpopular in his final days in office he is decorated as a hero to the people during his funeral. Thousands of people attend and later while scanning the footage of his funeral an agent of White Rabbit discovers many faces of illegals including Alex J. Chambers, Keto Seroth, Amy Grace, Jessica White, and even Albert Wesker.

The public begins to vote for the next President to rule over the fragmented United States. Alex Wesker takes up shop as the next President while Amy Grace and Chris Redfield pull the plug on an Umbrella operation. Late into 2021 the KING organization aids in outing Alex Wesker as an Umbrella operator. Big Boss awakens from cryostasis.


Big Boss rebuilds Outer Haven with the aid of Alice Abernathy and Wonderland. He begins taking the fight to Umbrella and ExCell. Sarah Sadler is nominated as the President of the American Shelf.


Alice is assassinated by Amy Grace who goes underground. She is eventually recovered by Big Boss who helps rehabilitate her and together they go on to capture an airborne cure from Umbrella and unleash the Emerald Rains, an event that nullifies the effects of the T-Virus across the world. Zombies and BOWs still persist but they cannot spread the virus any longer or mutate. Big Boss working with Outer Haven infiltrates Albert and Alex Weskers base of operations, he with the aid of the BSAA put an end to both of them.

Chris Redfield and Amy Grace are pronounced dead at the hands of William Birkin and Ocelot. The Queen of the Wasteland’s death sparks the start of the end of a 20 year war against Umbrella. Forces like DEAD CELL lead by Harmony Winters, Hellsing, the Diamond Dogs, and White Rabbit begin mobilizing for all out war.

The events of the long winter happen, the A-Virus is released into New York City, the Diamond Dogs mobilize into the city, GENTEC creates the city park safe zone and with the Sons of Sorrow they defend the civilians and begin clearing surrounding areas. Sir Integra Hellsing is KIA by William Birkin on orders from Hija Himura, Alucard reawakens.

Jill Valentine is called into New York to aid in rescuing a Grace series BIOWEAPON. They come across the 1300 series tyrants and rescue the Grace with the help of the BSAA, unfortunately during transit the BSAA is attacked by the Umbrella assassin GHOST and most of their forces are wiped out at the BSAA HQ, thank fully with Jills help Grace makes it to the roof and to a helicopter just in time to escape.

Ocelot is hunted down by Adam and Whisper, he is killed and Adam comes face to face with the Umbrella assassin GHOST. William Birkin escapes Umbrella and begs Diamond Dog officials to help keep his daughter and wife safe, he disappears while being pursued by Umbrella forces but Big Boss accepts and begins hunting down his family while also sending resources to hunt Birkin down.

GHOST leads Adam on a chase through the city with clues, eventually Adam and GHOST end up at the same location, a mansion formerly used by Hellsing 20 years ago during the first wars with Umbrella in 2005. The mansion is used by WHITE RABBIT, the remnant of Alice’s forces that she put together in 2005 to face Hija and Umbrella then. GHOST removes her mask revealing that she is Amy Grace and one of the White Rabbit leaders reveals she is Alyson Marcus, mother of the Grace series and Alice Abernathy, and daughter of James Marcus, one of the founders of Umbrella.

The Union brings about the start to the end. Amy and Adam embark on a mission to find Birkin and hunt him down in the sewers of New York. After a brief fight back and forth Amy injects Birkin with a G-Suppressor, a serum created by Dr. Marcus that rapidly reverts his G-Virus mutation and they arrest Birkin and bring him back to White Rabbit. Birkin spills all of the information he has on Umbrella and Adam sends that information to the Diamond Dogs and from there it begins the final battle for New York.

The Diamond Dogs load up all of their forces and begin an assault on the Umbrella Hive in New York, the Umbrella forces flood the streets from other sources against the combined might of the GENTEC, Dead Cell, and White Rabbit forces also attacking their strongholds. Hija Himura surfaces as a one man army and begins tearing through the city.

Alucard locates Hija and the two begin their battle destroying an entire section of the city leading to the GENTEC safe zone where Hija finally gets the upper hand and pins Alucard to the ground and begins pummeling the Ancient Hellsing Vampire until he has barely any strength left to fight, Alucard smiles and says Integras name one last time before exploding his body with all of the strength of every familiar he’s absorbed over the years and leaves a massive crater in City Park.

As the smoke clears Hija Himura steps from the crater wounded but still alive. The Umbrella forces had swarmed the Safe Zone but GENTEC already evacuated during the fight taking the civilians with them. Himura and the Umbrella forces take GENTEC tower as the resistance forces arrive. The Diamond Dogs storm the safe zone clearing a path for Alice, Amy, Adam and John. They fight their way through the tower to the top floor where they face off against Hija who soundly wins every fight against them until with the last of her strength Amy pins him to the ground and Alice rushes him tackling him through the window down thirty floors to the ground ending an era by sacrificing herself to take him and Umbrella down.

The survivors hold vigil for the savior of the wasteland and her name goes down in history, Alice is forever forward seen as an icon of freedom for all people.

The Years Following--

Clean up of the city happened, the factions of White Rabbit and DEAD CELL disbanded now that they weren’t needed anymore. The Diamond Dogs take Hija Himura and William Birkin out of the country to put them in a safe place to never see the light of day again. GENTEC representative Spencer Harker is seen as a hero for saving as many civilians as he does, he ends up running for President when the time comes and wins by a landslide.

Over the next four years Harker enacted protocols similar to George Sears’ protocols making B.O.W.s second class citizens unless they suppress their abilities with a strict drug routine and weekly checkups. This brings tension across the colonies and causes public outcry. By 2029 the KING organization (based in Chicago) opposes the major government making it so they cannot spread farther west into the states and the Stonewall Order in the South keeping Harker and the ‘United States’ firmly in the north.

A resistance group known as TYRANT pops up in the north in Raccoon city where the capital of the Free World is now located after the destruction of the D.C. safe zone years prior.

Our story begins here, during a time where the government secretly hunts down the unnatural to keep the world ‘safe’.